The company

24Voltcleaners was founded in 2019 by two young brothers, who, starting from the experience acquired in the metalworking and thermo-hydraulic sector, decide to create a commercial reality able to fully satisfy the great demand for cutting-edge machinery for domestic cleaning. .

Thanks to a good business strategy, qualified personnel and excellent customer feedback, the two brothers begin to create increasingly important partnerships with most of the suppliers to the point of increasing stocks in warehouses and making so that fast-delivery services are increasingly efficient.

After about two years 24Voltcleaners finds itself at the top of the market, becoming more and more a leader in the sector.


What is 24VoltCleaners

At 24Voltcleaners, we take care in finding new solutions to make your daily life easier. Based on a detailed analysis of consumer experiences and needs, we continue to research robots that will help you “Live Smart. Enjoy Life. ".

24VoltCleaners is a leader in the development of intelligent and responsive solutions for the home. We are pushing the boundaries towards a more powerful and discontinuous world where your home needs less attention so you can spend more time doing the things you love.


A robot for every need.

We are always looking for intelligent robotic solutions that integrate seamlessly into your daily life, to stimulate and inspire you to live more comfortably and connected.

This way you can enjoy more time to devote to what you love.


The strength of research and development

By adopting a very versatile marketing-oriented strategy, 24Voltcleaners ensures that the development and development plans provide its customers with products that are perfectly suited to markets and consumers around the world.

The dedication to avant-garde innovation plays a very important role in the philosophy of 24VoltCleaeners. 

Making technological creativity a source of pride, 24VoltCleaners is committed to expanding its intellectual property portfolio, ensuring the sale of high quality products to all customers around the world. 

The market

24Voltcleaners is constantly looking for innovative solutions that allow us to offer an increasingly complete range to our customers, we are open to any commercial contact with the various manufacturers interested in a lasting collaboration over time.

In such a highly competitive European market, the robotics company has grown rapidly to reach the second position in terms of market share.


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