1. General
    Pursuant to the terms and conditions herein, 24voltcleaners, Via Vittorio Colomiatti, 16 - 10040 Chieri (Turin) - Italy, guarantees the buyer that your product is original, excluding batteries, will be free from defects in materials and manufacturing for 12 months (Proscenic, Liectroux, Xiaomi, Viomi) and for 24 months (Ecovacs, Jimmy) from the original purchase date, in case of correct operation only in residential areas. A six (6) month warranty period applies to batteries. The guarantee is bound to the first purchaser and therefore not transferable. This warranty issued by 24voltcleaners does not prejudice or limit in any way the consumer's legal warranty rights.

    * This warranty is valid only in the European country in which the equipment was purchased. 
  2. Warranty coverage
    If, exceptionally, a defect is found during the warranty period, 24voltcleaners shall, at its discretion, comply with the following if the customer makes a claim under the manufacturer's warranty:
    - repair the equipment,
    - replace the equipment or replace it with another product that is new or manufactured from new or still usable components, already used and, at least, corresponds to the original product in terms of functionality, 
    - replace the equipment or replace it with another product that is new and an updated model that, compared to the original product, has at least similar or updated functions

    The validity of the warranty right and the fulfillment of repairs or replacements by 24voltcleaners do not entail an extension or a new starting date of the warranty. The warranty period must therefore always end after the aforementioned period, calculated from the date of the first purchase, regardless of any valid warranty rights. All old equipment and components must be owned by 24voltcleaners. Any further claims from the warranty agreement are excluded. This exclusion does not apply in the event of fatal injury, limb or health, premeditation or gross negligence, liability for product damage and in the event of violation of fundamental obligations that compromise the achievement of the purposes of the guarantee. Similarly, the statutory warranty rights will remain unaffected by this exclusion.

To enforce the guarantee, you must:

1) immediately report any defects found to the 24voltcleaners assistance telephone line (+39 391 1382919) as soon as they are found
2) present the invoice or the original purchase receipt (indicating the date of purchase, the model name).


3. Disclaimer of Warranty

The following cases are excluded from the guarantee:
- regular maintenance, inspection and repair or replacement of components due to normal signs of wear
- inappropriate, abrupt or incorrect handling, treatment, use or care of the equipment;
- the indirect consequences of a possible error (lack of use, lost profits, etc.)
- damage resulting from falls attributable to failure to use the safety system (suction cups and safety rope);
- change, removal or other means that render the type description or serial number on the equipment unidentifiable or illegible;
- damage resulting from accidents or external factors (lightning, fire, water) or other events of force majeure;
- the short circuit of the accumulator if the sealant, the accumulator compartment or the cells are damaged by the purchaser;
- the accumulator is used in equipment other than those envisaged;
- failure to comply with safety instructions and / or product instructions;
- intentional or accidental damage to the equipment or accumulator;
- use of spare parts of the product or other replaceable components (including consumables) not supplied or recommended by 24voltcleaners;
- any repairs, modifications, changes or conversions of the equipment carried out by persons not authorized for this purpose by 24voltcleaners;
- reimbursement for do-it-yourself or inadequate transport (eg with unsuitable packaging);
- use of the equipment for commercial purposes or in the context of trade.

Please note that a defect under these warranty conditions will not include a situation where it is necessary to make a change or modification to equipment not covered by the original equipment specification in order to make it possible to use the equipment. equipment (e.g. change to other reception or connection standards).

This warranty does not apply to accessories and other consumable products such as filters or brushes.

In addition, accessories and other consumables such as filters or brushes are excluded from this warranty.

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