24Voltcleaners for online purchases it allows you to pay for your order in the following ways:

- Credit card:

We accept the most common credit cards, including prepaid and rechargeable: Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, Carta Aura.When paying by credit card, no supplement will be charged.
For all credit cards it is necessary to enter the CVV2 code otherwise the order is canceled. For Visa, Mastercard credit cards, the CVV2 corresponds to the last 3 digits found on the back of the card, while for Amex credit cards the code is 4 digits and is found on the front of the credit card. 

When the credit card details are entered, only the authorization to spend on the credit card is requested from the bank. In some cases, banks notify the customer by sending an SMS. Receipt of the text message is NOT indicative of the card charge but only of the blocking of the ceiling necessary for the purchase. The actual debit on the credit card takes place only at the time of shipment of the products.

The order paid by credit card before being entrusted to the Courier, could be subjected, directly with the relative bank, to a "verification of authenticity" (verification with which the actual ownership of the credit card is ascertained). In the event that a "verification of authenticity" is activated, the customer will be notified by 24voltcleaners via e-mail.

This verification requires on average:
- 24 hours
For orders placed with a Visa and Mastercard credit card.
- 2 working days
For orders placed by credit card of the Amex circuit for an amount greater than € 400,00. If the bank communicates to 24Voltcleaners any irregularity relating to the credit card used, 24Voltcleaners will proceed with the cancellation of the order by giving contextual communication via e-mail.
- Paypal:

PayPal is an online payment system that provides for the opening of an account with PayPal. By choosing this method, after clicking "send order", you will be redirected to a page on the PayPal site where you can enter the e-mail and password of the Paypal account, in order to pay for the order.

For each transaction made with this method, a confirmation email is sent from PayPal. The amount of the order is debited from the PayPal account at the time of taking charge of the order. 24Voltcleaners confirm the entrusting of the order to the Courier by sending a text message or an email to the addresses indicated by the Customer in the order itself. 

The order paid with PayPal, before being entrusted to the Courier, could be submitted directly with PayPal to a "verification of authenticity" (verification with which the effective ownership of the PayPal account is ascertained). In the event that a "verification of authenticity" is activated, the customer will be notified by 24Voltcleaners via e-mail.
This verification takes on average 2 working days.
In the event that the payment is made by registered users on foreign PayPal sites, the order will be processed on the first working day following its creation.

If PayPal communicates any irregularity to 24Voltcleaners, 24Voltcleaners will proceed with the cancellation of the order by giving contextual communication via e-mail.
In the event of cancellation, the amount will be refunded to the customer's PayPal account.
- Wire transfer:

To make the payment by bank transfer it is necessary to use the following coordinates:

IBAN code: IT73P0306931081100000060287
Reason: order number and name

Before proceeding with the payment it is important to receive the email confirming the acceptance of the order.

Banking practice provides that the transfer made is credited to the current account of the beneficiary (Stefania Castrogiovanni) not earlier than 3/5 working days from its execution.
After 10 days from the date of acceptance of the order (date on which the order confirmation is received via email) without having received the credit of the bank transfer, 24Voltcleaners will cancel the order.
- Vouchers and gift cards:

Gift cards are discount vouchers that can be used for any online purchase on the website www.24Voltcleaners.com
- Payment in installments with KLARNA

Klarna is one of the largest European banks and provides payment solutions to 90 million consumers through 250.000 merchants in 17 countries. Klarna offers direct payments, post-delivery payment options and installment plans through a shopping experience that allows customers to pay as and when they prefer.


Each order completed correctly is confirmed by 24voltcleaners by sending an email to the email address entered during registration. By entering the "My Account" section with the username and password used to place the order, in addition to personal data, all orders placed with the description of the order status are visible.

If the order is NOT present, or is in the "Invalid" or "Canceled" state, it is necessary to repeat the purchase procedure or contact us to check.

It will be necessary to send us an email with the order number in the subject and to notify us of the changes to be made.

If you have not yet received the product you ordered, you can contact us at info@4voltcleaners.com to submit the cancellation request.

The cancellation will be confirmed by sending an email from our team.

The right of withdrawal is reserved exclusively to consumers (therefore excluding legal entities and natural persons who act for purposes related to any professional activity carried out) and ends after 14 (fourteen) days from receipt of the goods or, in the case of services, from the conclusion of the contract.

The costs of returning the product are charged to the customer.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code) all the products on sale in the 24voltcleaners store are covered by the 24-month Legal Guarantee, according to which 24voltcleaners or the manufacturer of the purchased item are responsible towards the consumer ( the natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out) for lack of conformity not found at the time of purchase

Here are the steps to follow:

1- You will need to send us an email to info@24voltcleaners.com

2- You will need to indicate the order number, brand and model of the non-working product and the details of the problem encountered

3- Prepare the product for shipment by carefully packing it and enclosing all accessories, the instruction manual and everything originally contained in the product packaging

4- Wait for instructions from our customer service

For any other information write to: info@24voltcleaners.com

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